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I'm here to create that place for you,

To make your dreams come to life

& create a place that accepts you as you are.


"I Believes all things start with a story"

"I Believes all things start with a story

of personality and of a place one wants to create.

Dreams of self expression. 

I am here to design your dream & create your place"

My name is Shira Rosenfeld, an interior designer, with a B-Design (interior) degree from the College of Management (since 2011)

I Live and breathe design since I can remember

I see design as a way to express & create a place that fulfills your dreams and needs

Individual design that lasts

Design that serves those who live in it

Design that solves problems

Design that produces feelings that one chooses

Joy, organization, happiness, a sense of fullness

VR design for commercial show rooms


COVID-19 has drastically changed our way of living and shopping habits.

The world has moved to the virtual dimension in the field of shopping.

Now more than ever, the field of design also has virtual solutions that illustrate virtual reality.

Using VIRTUAL REALITY technology, it is possible to create complete commercial display that can be replaced with an endless number of products, varying sizes and types of varying and endless materials, with resolution levels and a very simple and accessible user experience.

I'm also here to design commercial virtual showrooms for companies.


The activity is currently being carried out on the platform infrastructure of BYOND XR company.


Office Space Interior Design

Contact me, also via WhatsApp

Thank you for contacting me, I will get back to you ASAP

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