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Shira Rosenfeld Galil Stusio


20 מ"ר


Hod Hasharon

Projeect Type

Interior design & home styling


Nordic - Modern

I always listened to his short and decisive words. I was never disappointed by his absolute knowledge. And It hit me.

It took a month and a half from the moment of the decision until it was finished.


Now,  that green window, creates and inspire me all day, every day, every morning.

It is the center of the office.

It is the front where I look at when I work.

It is the memories and the roots of the past.


But mostly it is the inspirations of today.


The green color that enters, fills and take over the office from the inside


So yes. This is where I grew up and these are my roots.


And this time in my reincarnation as an adult.

Fulfilling my dream as a little girl scribbling on blueprints..

Walls are talking.


My office. My home.


The idea of renovating the office came to me in a dream.

It is no a cliché… It actually did.


The place has been used as a warehouse for over a decade and I did not even imagine moving to work from there.

It was my mother's office, That my father has built for her when she turned into an independence architect.


I might have been afraid of the big shoes/of the past.


I was always accompanied by the memory of the green window.

There I sat as a child, in front of the window, there I saw an infinity of houses, people come and go, heard lots of discussions whilst scribbling on the blueprints..

These walls have absorbed so much.


Then one night whilst dreaming, it just came, along with my dad. Who told me "here!"

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